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Other Databases

Leap Signature Dataset (LSD)

The Leap Signature Dataset (LSD) consists of signatures from 60 unique subjects in the form of 3D signature trajectories. The trajectories are captured in 3D space without any tactile feedback using a Leap Motion device. The data for each subject consists of 12 samples of genuine signatures and 3 samples of impostor signatures. The data for each subject is captured in a single session.

The Leap Signature Dataset was captured along with the face identities of the subjects. However, to protect the identities of the subjects, we have provided the Leap Signature samples only.

The database can be downloaded from here.

Head-image Soft Biometric Database (HSBD)

The Head-image Soft Biometric Database (HSBD) consists of head images captured using 2 different DSLR cameras. It has head-images for 103 subjects. This database contains no facial information and includes some angular movements. The database also includes the ground truth annotations of the head in the acquired head-image.

The database can be downloaded from here.

Bag-of-lies Database

The database can be downloaded from here.

CAAXR database (annotated by radiologists)

The CAAXR dataset consists a total of 1,749 chest X-Rays from the publicly available BIMCV database have been annotated by six radiologists from Mahajan Labs (Mahajan Imaging, New Delhi, India). Further, four evaluation protocols for CAAXR database are introduced. Three out of four protocols are designed for classification, and one for segmentation. All protocols use 5-fold cross-validation. The database is available here.

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