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Image Analysis and Biometrics Lab @ IIT Jodhpur


Df-Platter Database

Prof. Singh is recognized as one of the top researchers in the field of Artificial Intelligence in India [2022]

Maneet Singh is serving as the Women in Engineering co-ordinator for the IEEE Biometrics Council. [2021]

Akshay Agarwal is selected for the IEEE Biometrics Council Best Doctoral Dissertation Award 2021! [2021]

Saheb Chhabra joins Amazon India. [2021]

Aakarsh Malhotra joins Mastercard India. [2021]

Prof. Singh is serving as the PC Co-chair of CVPR 2022! [2021]

Prof. Vatsa is serving on the NITI Aayog initiative on DigiYatra. [2021]

Prof. Vatsa is serving on the NITI Aayog committee on Responsible AI. [2021]


Prof. Singh is now an IEEE Fellow! [2021]

Akshay successfully defended his PhD thesis! [2020]

Maneet Singh joins AI Garage, Mastercard India. [2020]

Six papers accepted in IEEE CVPR Workshop 2020! Check them out [2020] here.

Paper accepted in CVPR 2020: Generalized Zero-Shot Learning Via Over-Complete Distribution. [2020]

Soumyadeep Ghosh joins Mastercard India. [2020]

Rohit Keshari joins Amazon India. [2020]

Akshay Agarwal joins as Research Assistant Professor at Department of Engineering, Texas A&M University, USA. [2019]

Shruti Nagpal received the Google Student Travel Scholarship to attend the Grace Hopper Celebration, 2019, at Orlando, Florida! [2019]

Akshay Agarwal attends Seventh Heidelberg Laureate Forum in Germany. [2019]

Prof. Richa Singh, Prof. Mayank Vatsa, Ms. Shruti Nagpal, and Ms. Maneet Singh received the 'Ethics in AI Research Award' from Facebook for their research on "Mitigating Bias in Face Recognition For Vast Regional Diversity in India".

IABians awarded: (1) Teaching Excellence Award, (2) Dean’s Award for Innovation in Research and Development, (3) Dean’s Award for Academic Excellence, and (4) Best Teaching Assistant Award on IIIT-Delhi's Foundation's Day 2019! Find out more.

Paper accepted in ICCV 2019: Dual Directed Capsule Network for Very Low Resolution Recognition.

Dr. Richa is organizing a special issue on Adversarial Deep Learning in Biometrics and Forensics at CVIU along with Dr. Rama Chellappa, Dr. Diego Gragnaniello, Dr. Chang-Tsun Li, and Dr. Francesco Marra.

Dr. Mayank is serving as General Co-Chair of IJCB 2020, along with Dr. Ioannis Kakadiaris and Dr. Jonathan Philips.

Dr. Richa is serving as Program Co-Chair of IJCB 2020, along with Dr. Nalini Ratha and Dr. Vitomir Struc.

Dr. Mayank Vatsa selected for the prestigious Swarnajayanti fellowship award!

Adversarial Learning!

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